As the title of this blog might imply, I go by Katya. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in public relations, along with minors in journalism and Russian language. I created this blog to showcase my work and my varied interests as an online portfolio with a personal touch. Some of my interests, as well as brief explanations of how they developed, are listed below.

Interested in my work? Looking to add an enthusiastic, experienced young professional to your public relations or journalism team? Check out my resume.


As both a student journalist and a journalism student, I have amassed a modest collection of bylines over the course of my education. To see my portfolio of credited articles and other journalistic work, check out the #Journalism tab. This tab also contains freelance work that may not have been published in a traditional media source.


Interests aside, I am a communication major at heart. So I like to find real-life examples of communication theories, principals and practices at work.

Global Affairs

As a military and foreign service brat, I grew up all over the world and gained a wealth of experience in intercultural communication, international relations and the importance of foreign policy. Given my background, it it perhaps unsurprising that I first chose to study international relations when the time came to pick a degree program.