Peace Corps sexual assault scandal continues

On Nov. 30, CBS News broke an exclusive story, alleging that Peace Corps placed the blame for sexual assault against volunteers on the victims and punished them for reporting it. CBS obtained exclusive access to a Peace Corps survey that found that of the roughly seven thousand volunteers in over 65 countries all over the world, nearly one in five had been sexually assaulted, and only half of these had reported the crime.

PVCC Students Reach National Science Foundation’s Semifinals

Under the guidance of Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Anne Allison and in partnership with Charlottesville’s StreamWatch, students Maya Fraser-Butler, Candice Tomlinson and Stephen Hazen attempt to address the poor quality of Rivanna’s waterways one simple and unicellular organism at a time.

Zzaam!: Fresh fusion, fresh-face

What sets Zzaam! apart from other speedy service eateries is the freshness of the food. According to owner Sam Gang, everything served at Zzaam! is freshly made on the premises.
**Originally Published in print and online in PVCC’s The Forum in April of 2015.